UV/Led Pudding Gel Polishes

Pudding Gel is made with high pressure technology to turn it into a solid gel. This makes it non-leveling which makes it easier to ship and it also makes application easy. Pudding gel comes in a little pot and an applicator brush, it is very user friendly, you apply it with the applicator brush and its creamy consistency allows for greater control for those who have trouble applying regular liquid gel polish. 

Tips for application:

1. Prep you nails as you would for regular gel polish application, ensuring cuticle is gently pushed back from nail plate. Lightly buff the nail to remove shine.

2. Apply one thin layer of gel base coat and cure for 30 seconds under a LED lamp.

3. Apply thin layer of pudding gel using applicator brush, you can wet the applicator brush with a little base coat beforehand. Cure 60 seconds under LED lamp. Repeat this process with a second layer of pudding gel & cure 60 seconds.

4. Apply Top coat and cure 60 seconds under LED lamp.